National Symbols of Spain




- The Spanish Flag is composed by three horizontal stripes: red, yellow and red, being the central stripe wider than the red ones. It`s about the same design which was adopted as national pavilion of Spain in 1785, in the reign of Carlos III, although the model of the coat of arms that is represented inside, has changed several times, but it is always placed in the nearest side to the flagpole to make sure that it is seen when it is not windy.





- The coat of arms represents Spain in the same way as the flag. Both, coat of arms and flag, represented a king, a dynasty or possessions as reigns or domains. During the Middle Ages, we find in the Iberian Peninsula some coat of arms of several reigns that bear witness to the politic division of Spain. Some centuries later, coats of arms of these reigns were combined according to politic unions and partitions. Finally, we got the actual coat of arms.




- The Osborne`s Bull is an enormous silhouette of brave bull. It is approximately 14 metres high. It is a big hoarding that you can see from the road. It is normally on a hill.

The initial function was to promote an alcoholic drink of a commercial brand and then, it has become in a cultural, Spanish symbol.

We can see it in stickers, in collections’ articles, in sports spectacles, in tourist souvenirs…




- The Flamenco is a music and dance genre. Its origin and development was in Andalucia starting from XVIII century. The singing and the dance are the main roles of flamenco. It has become in one of the principal referent of the Spanish culture in the entire world.

- The castanets are a typical instrument to dance and the dancer will be dressed with a typical dress as well.




·         Regarding sports, we can say that in Spain there are many football teams but there are two main rival teams. On the one hand, Real Madrid team is from Madrid and on the other hand, Barcelona team is from Barcelona. There are too many people in Spain who follow each week their team to see who the first one in the list is.


·         These are some of the main sportsmen in Spain, among others:

- Fernando Alonso is one of the best Formula One drivers in the world.

- Pau Gasol is one of the best basketball players in the NBA.

- Rafael Nadal is one of the best tennis players in the world.




- Regarding to the Spanish culture, we can say that we have got important monuments in Spain, among others: The Giralda, in Sevilla; the Roman aqueducts, in Mérida and Segovia; cathedrals…






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